David Larlet, an enthusiast Web crafter based in Montreal 🇨🇦.

I’m aiming for a resilient, frugal and empathetic Web.

I’m looking for projects I consider ethically correct, heading toward a sustainable world in an inclusive team. That may look very selective but if you reached that page we can discuss in depth what I mean by these statements. Don’t be afraid, my concern is more about values and cultural shift you want to bring in than to the current state of your product/team.

I consider technologies as a means to an end, and as such we will have to challenge our shared intentions regularly. I use to work in an iterative and incremental way, re-evaluating the produced value based on concrete feedback.

I’m currently: 🐝 quite buzzy, let’s chat anyway!

Current motivations

That list is definitely not restrictive, let’s discuss.

Current disincentives

That list is quite restrictive, intentionally.

What I did 🧓

I had to strip down a few not to feel too old 😅.

Technical bingo: Python3, VanillaES6, HTML5, Redis, HTTP, hypermedia APIs, StimulusJS, Roll.

Some public code contributions: Microsoft Github, Gitlab, Framagit, Huma-num, Personal (yes, git is a decentralized tool!) and a few collected snippets.

What I (also) did

Cultural bingo: agile, LEAN, non-violence, homeschooling, commons, minimalism, open-source, decentralization.

What I can guarantee 🏅

If you need more guarantees, I’m glad you ask for it and we can iterate together! I’m always open to new propositions about the quality and the pertinence of my productions.

What we can do together 🙌

At last! I talked a lot about me and now it’s your turn to present your project, drop me an email 🤗 and let’s try to find a moment to discuss either in a public place close to Montreal or using a video conversation tool.